Famous quote about Thomas ReffEdit

"He was born Thomas Reff, but he was simply known as 'Thomas' -- Druid. Friend. Lover."

- Adam Sandler

Famous letter by Thomas Reff "Jungle phase is over"Edit

“No More Buffs. No More Smites. No More Jungling. No More Fun. No More Diving. 6. That is 2 levels past 4. 2 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun--—for anybody. 6. You are getting greedy. Act your high level. Relax—--This won’t hurt.”

List of Thomas' jobsEdit

Account Executive
Army private
Ambulance driver
Amateur-Division Professional Arm Wrestler
Asking man at products demonstration
Astronaut for NASA
Attack-dog trainer for the Pitiless Pup Attack Dog School
Beef Jerky Manufacturer
Blackjack dealer of Monty Burns Casino
Bodyguard of Mayor Quimby
Bowling alley employee, or "Pin Monkey", of Barney's Bowlarama
Bounty Hunter
Bum Wrestler
Bon - Ah
Car designer for Powell Motors
Caricaturist of open coffins
CEO of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Chauffeur for Classy Joe's
Springfield Chief of Police
Child Caretaker of Uncle Homer's Daycare Center
Choreographer for the Super Bowl Halftime Show
Coach for Bart's Little League American football team
Cook at a diner when fleeing from a Florida sheriff
Con artist/Grifter with son Bart
Conceptual artist
Convenience store night-clerk for the Kwik-E-Mart
Drug Smuggler when Burns cancelled the prescription drug program
Door-to-door knife salesman for Slash-Co.
Door-to-door sugar salesman
Door-to-door spring salesman
Deacon of the Church
Employee at Gulp 'n' Blow Drive-through
Executive of Globex Corporation, Cypress Creek
Executive Vice President of Power Plant
Film critic
Film producer
Fireman (volunteer)
Fish gutter
Food critic for The Springfield Shopper
Foot Locker employee
Fortune cookie writer
Founder and Junior Vice President Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net
Garbage Commissioner
Grease collector
Grim Reaper
Guard of Springfield Juvenile Correctional Facility
Ice Cream Truck Driver
Impotency Spokesman for Viag rogaine
Informant for the F.B.I.
Internet Service Provider
Inventor ("The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace, Flaming Moe's, The Old Man and the "C" Student")
Krusty Impersonator
Marriage Counselor
Mascot, known as "Dancing Homer"
Mattress Salesman
Manure Salesman
Mayor of New Springfield
Mayoral candidate
Mexican wrestler
Mini-golf assistant for Sir Putt-A-Lot's Merrie Olde Fun Centre
Mob Boss
Springfield Monorail conductor
Mountain climber

Nuclear Safety Inspector

Nuclear Power Plant manager
Navy Reservist
Oil-rig worker("Half-Decent Proposal")
One Man Band ("Bart Gets Famous")
Opera singer ("The Homer of Seville.")
Ordained Minister ("There's Something About Marrying")
Outsider Artist ("Mom and Pop Art")
Paparazzo ("Homerazzi").
Performance artist -Getting hit with a cannonball ("Homerpalooza")
Personal assistant
Briefly becomes the assistant and friend of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. ("When You Dish Upon a Star")
Briefly taking Smithers' place as Mr. Burns' right-hand man. ("Homer the Smithers")
Briefly became the assistant of Carl Carlson ("The Devil Wears Nada")
Briefly became the assistant of Roz Davis ("Replaceable You")
Police officer/Police Chief ("Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge")
Prank monkey for Mr. Burns ("Homer vs. Dignity")
Public speaker ("HOMЯ")
Quiz-Master (Kill the Alligator and Run)
Roadie ("How I Spent My Strummer Vacation")
Railroad Engineer (implied) ("Maximum Homerdrive")
Rollercoaster Rebuilder ("Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em")
Referee ("Marge Gamer")
Sailor in the Naval Reserve ("Simpson Tide")
Sanitation Commissioner ("Trash of the Titans")
Security Officer of SpringShield ("Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge")
Sideshow freak ("Homerpalooza")
Silhouette Model ("Midnight Towboy")
Singer ("Homer's Barbershop Quartet")
of beer ("Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment")
of prescription drugs ("Midnight Rx")
of fruits and vegetables ("Itchy & Scratchy Land")
of Sugar ("Sweets and Sour Marge")
Snowplow proprietor and driver ("Mr. Plow")
Soccer referee ("Marge Gamer")
Soldier ("G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)")
Softball Player ("Homer at the Bat")
Street musician ("Bart Gets Famous")
Superhero ("Simple Simpson", "Treehouse of Horror XXII")
Spokesperson/Walking Billboard, ("My Fair Laddy")
Sprawl-Mart greeter ("Goo Goo Gai Pan")
Talk Show Host ("Today, I Am a Clown")
Teacher ("Secrets of a Successful Marriage")
Television Producer
Telemarketer ("Lisa's Date with Density")
Tomacco Creator/Farmer/Salesman (see Farmer) ("E-I-E-I-D'oh")
Tow Truck Driver ("Midnight Towboy")
Town crier ("Lisa the Iconoclast")
Traveling salesman of Simpson & Son Revitalizing Tonic ("Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy")
Trucker ("Maximum Homerdrive")
TV Show Host ("Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson")
Union leader ("Last Exit to Springfield")
Used Car salesman ("Diatribe of a Mad Housewife")
Voice actor ("The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show")
Playing Poochie ("The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show")
Playing Angry Dad ("Angry Dad: The Movie")
Webmaster ("The Computer Wore Menace Shoes")